Monday, July 14, 2008

Farang Fatigue

No, I don't mean when Thai's get sick of having Farang around; I mean when I get sick of being a Farang around Thai's.

Generally I am fine with it, I am well accustomed to the constant, low to high level confusion of it, the occasional complete breakdown of communications. But sometimes it all just gets tiring, exhausting in fact.

I know so many people that I see all the time, and I only know so much small talk. I get repetitive pretty quickly. And it's important for me to speak first, if I don't control the conversation the Thai will say something that I probably won't understand. So I'm working on more simple things to say about the weather, and where I'm going to or coming from, or how my classes are going. Like, "I hope that it rains so that it cools off a little." Thai's can appreciate a sentiment like that, they don't like the heat any better than Westerners.

Rather than retreat to my apartment, which is insular and maladjusted, I usually go to the movies or to a mall where it is certain that I don't know anybody. After a brief respite I am fine, generally.

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