Monday, March 31, 2008

Vengence is His!

There’s nothing like these Baby-Cart movies. Ogami Ito is so bad . . . sure, people get decapitated in lots of movies, but who else decapitates a three-year-old?

Tomisaburo Wakayama was a weird choice for these movies, besides being the producer’s brother. With his pot-belly and double chins, he isn’t in the typical Samurai mode. But he is soooooo baaaaad!!! And he does look powerful, and ultra-mean-bad-ass-dangerous. He’s like some huge, bloated monster from the Kthulu Mythos, a giant Bella Lugosi creature, he should have tentacles, I still get frightened on the rare occasions when he laughs, he only laughs with his head bowed and then he raises it slightly and glares through his eye-brows, it’s always for just the wrong reasons, soon afterwards lots of people get cut, bad. He’s the devil in a kimono; sheer terror on wheels. I love these movies.

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