Monday, March 24, 2008

Black Robed Devils (The Great Satan)

(This Satanic Horror of a (mere) Commissioner is still making people miserable everyday in his own, personal Spanish Inquisition. Universally despised, he knows it, and even worse he wishes, I believe, that it were not so, but he is powerless to stop himself from visiting his torturous vision of courtroom management on those appear before him, particularly those lesser beings like Social Workers or mere alleged perpetrators, or anyone who shows any weakness. He is a thoroughgoing bully and not even that smart. He scarred me, and I hate him like the Jews hate Hitler.)

Bridesmaid, never quite the bride.
Ego never quite assuaged.
Once he warmed the bench in school,
Now he sits here, sullen, looking
like a crow or raven mother,
sitting on her eggs (her mate is
raiding nests of lesser birds),
waiting to devour corpses
hungrily, with sparkling eyes.
Hating now his human brothers,
viciously he pays them back
for forcing him to be a fool.

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