Thursday, February 28, 2008

Through a Glass, Darkly

Mr. Fred is doing his homework. I am determined that this so-called blog be read. It is in keeping with my temperament: work but no money. Just "read" is fine, put all my stuff here, fiction, poetry, photographs, free!! after all, content is dead: eyes rule the roost.

Soon there may be changes; maybe a dedicated web site; maybe songs, songs that you never heard, songs that no one has the rights to; maybe poetry pod-casts; almost certainly spiteful, bitter re-hashes of some of my less enjoyable legal experiences; maybe some information about Thai law, if there is such a thing; write about what you know, unfortunately I know a lot about getting older; about being depressed, too; maybe it's time for me to break my silence about the greatest secret of the Twentieth Century; "hate poetry," with a parental advisory; step on a few toes (I read that you can't write if you are afraid of hurting people's feelings).

Might be fun. Care to join me?

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Well I needed to do the same 'thing' - I started one blog on 'injustices'; things that are 'irritating' - 'irksome', and consider that my 'negative' blog.

So, I've joined you - here's the poem I wrote; put it on my 'blog' that's called THIGS-BEAR'S ALBUM ON UNFAIR PLAY:

There's a picture of a gas-tank with a sign hanging on it saying what we can use our tax rebate for - under that, it reads:

So you get a tax refund
and a rebate too
Maybe you can fill your car
one time - full; maybe two

Then again your taxes rose
the ones levied on your property
The value rose - so did your loan
'debts consolidated' properly...

Up went the credit card interest
down went the CD earnings from your
One deposit; two deposit - 3 deposit -
then the 'ARM' came down; now you have

Yank you did; penalty you paid
Hopes of a vacation
fast and furiously

Social Security - insecure now it is
Chase over to the stock-market
invest in some new 'biz'
Biz stock - see-saw up and down
Sunday's news now read; again, you
begin to

Can you pass the test of
Can you do Chapter 7 to
rid of all your 'mess'
Can you get a disabling
SSI - is that

Prop that r.v. up on stilts
get out the pillow;
find those quilts
Put your house upon the market
Just pass the gas
throttle the bottle
Sell your car,
or maybe park it!
...I just had to write a poem about this situation. Diane - Nevada

Posted by HAPPY IN NEVADA at 12:09 PM

So, yes - count me in if you start that website; in fact one of my 2 poetry blogs is nothing but about things that I deem profoundly, unfair! Diane