Monday, February 4, 2008

Pic of the Day

This is up in Supan Buri, which turns out to be one of the nicer Buri's. This is the place with the great "hell," and the only huge Buddhist graveyard I've ever seen, a couple of thousand graves containing actual human bodies and with each marked by a substantial, meditating Buddha.
The food was good, too.


Anonymous said...

How did it compare in size to the graveyard off the Long Island Expressway, heading east, toward the Mid-Town Tunnel? I think that one may have been a Jewish graveyard, although I'm not sure. I wonder how many bodies are buried in each and what is the largest graveyard in the world, not counting Hiroshima or Dresden?

Anonymous said...

Nice pic and where is Supan Buri? Ann

fred c said...

Supan Buri is straight north of Bangkok, maybe seventy miles.

That thing off the Expressway is about four or five graveyards together, and there's one or two more past Masbeth towards, what is it, Middle Village? All together it might be the biggest.

fred c said...
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