Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Late, Lamented Dash

I miss my Honda Dash. I didn’t realize it at the time, last May, June and July, that it was quite the rarity in Thailand, maybe everywhere. I’ve never seen another one.

Honda now makes a four-stroke manual clutch Nova, 125 cc, but it looks like a pig. Standard swing arm rear suspension. Ho-hum.

The Dash was really fast, amazing for a 100 cc bike. Super loud little two-stroke. Everything was set up to go fast; it got about the same mileage as a NASCAR Hemi, it had a really trick mono-shock rear, oversize double caliper disk brakes, the gears were close ratio to zip you up to top speed, probably sixty-five or so, maybe a little more, the speedo was broke.

It had little problems, so I sold it. If I had known that it was such a rarity, I’d have kept it and hung it on a wall. I probably could have put it up on the hooks myself.

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