Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mr. Fred's Cheerful Poetry Corner!

I think this one is uplifting and positive, although if you are looking for boundless good cheer, well, if that's what you want you are probably not reading this blog anyway.

"The Father"

I believe in God, the father almighty,
Creator of heaven and earth not,
I’m afraid. But rather
Place my faith in a more
Elastic god, one who
Neither made, nor was made.

I think of god although I know
To think of god is foolish.
And so I note my cynicism here,
Regarding him or her by way,
I’m sure you’ll understand,
Of a disclaimer.

But god there is,
Of this I’m sure.
To think for just one minute
Of any bloody thing at all,
However bloody great or small,
You’ll find that god’s within it.

Sometime around October, 2007

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