Saturday, February 2, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

Everything old is new again; this new century isn’t so unfamiliar after all.

When I left America, somehow I like the sound of that, I knew that I would need decorator items that traveled well. My solution was to color-Xerox the fronts of some examples from my much too extensive, compulsive really, magazine collection. So now I can look around and see:

1. “Wonder Wart-Hog Magazine,” Spring 1967, which cover features the flying Hog in orbit with a net catching Soviet ICBM’s. “Americans, why spent Forty BILLION Dollars on an Anti-Missile Defense System when you could have the HOG OF STEEL for HALF the amount?” Substitute “Iranian” for “Soviet.”

2. “Time” magazine, April 16, 1979, which shows an Arabian Nights scene touting the article: “ISLAM: The Militant Revival.” And lest we forget, even in '79 Muslim (Palestinian) terrorism had been in full swing for over ten years already.

3. “Newsweek” magazine, August 11, 1969, showing a great self-portrait photograph of an astronaut on the Moon. It’s been so long that now the talk of returning is more “new” than “déjà vu.”

And yet we are supposed to get excited about these things all over again, like someone wanted to keep us excited or something. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

There's a thing about things... they all seem to be related to other things... like a big family of stuff... stuffed into some variety of thing... left in the sun, chilled in the dark... I find myself on the "Likes" column of many...