Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cool Movie Alert

Add this to the list of favorite movies. I just watched it for the third time, few weeks in between. It’s all over nuts, Normanology, fire up the blowtorch, we’ smoking baby. Classy too, stars Edward Burns and “Sir” Ben Kingsley, plus some ripe scientist babe with a big rack, directed by Peter Hyams. You never heard of it.

“A Sound of Thunder: 2045,” a slightly unwieldy and not too descriptive title. It’s got dinosaurs, sure, lots of movies got dinosaurs, but this one also has giant mandrills, baboons, but big as subway cars, with lots of screen time, and huge lizard-bats, and it’s all hell-comes-to-Chicago, which is like coal to Newcastle, with pseudo-modern Photo-Shop futuristicisms, time travel gone wrong. When was the last time you saw a ninety-five minute movie with ninety-five minutes of fun? And at the end, our hero E. Burns even brings all the dead folks back to life!

You wouldn’t like it.

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