Thursday, January 10, 2008


The so-called “recording industry” has gone completely over the edge. Get this, I don’t make this shit up, now their lawyers say that putting your own CD’s on your own computer is illegal, it’s an illegal copy, your stealing, the CD that you fucking bought out of the kindness of your heart when you could have stolen it, now they even want to fuck their benefactors, like the scorpion that stings the snake who’s carrying him across the river, and they both drown, “it’s my nature.” You can Google it.

And I sincerely mean it when I say that I completely hate the Twenty-First Century. What do I think of the politics? I’m a fan of due process, that should tell you something. It’s just all some crazy juiced-up orgy of retarded brainstorms from the bottoms of some law school classes.

Excuse me, the Fed’s are at my door, they want my computer, some genius has already read the above paragraphs. Does any of this shit bother you? Wake up, smell the coffee, these people want your tattoos for lampshades.

This after some poor woman in Colorado or some place got dinged two-hundred-thousand-dollars-and-change for “stealing” like nine songs, twenty-four-thousand or so each, and it was colossally awful stuff, like Fiddy Cent, you know, they call the wind Mariah, that kind of awful shit, not worth a damn anyway, who’d bother? They’d have to pay me for the space before I’d even consider putting it on my computer. And that was a jury. Have we all gone mad?

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