Monday, January 28, 2008

Political Science

I wish I were excited enough about politics to write about it. But I'm not.

Thinking about politics, even briefly, makes me dyspeptic.
I thank god that I'm not in America to see all the details on TV.

I know who they are, the perp's.

Giuliani, the prosecuting attorney (the job of a prosecuting attorney is to put innocent people in jail. Don't believe me? Ask one. "It's not my job to decide who's innocent or guilty, that's the jury's job.")

McCain, the poor, broken down POW, that's a mind-set you can't ever leave behind. I've seen the pictures. Not all POW's look like beat-down dogs. Now he giggles at torture and laughs about "more wars."

Mitt, who, let's face it, business success notwithstanding, is not too bright.

Hiliary I like, she's double-plus-smart, she can take a punch, but do we really need x years of the Republicans in another snit?

Barak Husein Obama is Black, no doubt, just look at him, that's the rules, if you look Black, you are Black, because people will treat you Black, but he's an Oreo as sure as I use bad language, and you fucking better believe that I use bad language.

Reverend Huckabee is still in the race, a terrible indictment of our political system.

Huck, Paul, Gravel, Thompson, what are people thinking?

John Edwards, if I were injured by a dangerous product, I'd hire him in a minute. President?

So no, I won't be writing about politics. It's too depressing.


Ollie said...

Dyspepsia is a new one for me... I have to use it on my good friend the newly knighted fatherhood boy down in his chasm of denial. Hopefully the echo will convey my intonation and a hearty slap on the shoulder.


Well I'm glad I got to 'January' - and your archives!

I agree on each point; McCain is one that I'd really avoid - we must remember his involvement in the S&L - buddies with Keating, etc. Neil Bush - brother of GWB; his S&L was one of the first to 'go'....

I guess I could do a 'blog' on politics, but they'd either shut me down or I'd get another ulcer (or both).

We don't have 'leaders' in any branch of government (including most of the states and cities); we have politicians - that's the sickening realization.

We're run by 'big business' - the 'economy', and no one is going to cure cancer because it would put too many businesses out of work.

No one is going to stop finding a 'war' to start; it keeps the major cities and states that rake in billions of dollars, 'going' - if we 'cure' some of these ills, we have unemployment lines.........

We're a demanding nation; a spoiled nation - a vain nation - a complaining nation; a lazy nation......

Geez, we even use the Native American (or did) - learn how to harvest our own corn; hunt - etc., and then stick them on a reservation.

The other day I heard a person say they paid $32 per person to tour the sacred indian grounds in Page, Arizona - guided by an 'indian'. The person said: "They only want to make money off those grounds...."

Okay, $32/head isn't bad when you think of the billions we've made off from the indian's land once we figured it all out; ignored their ways of conservation, and now we're screaming about a planet that isn't going to supply us with the natural resources we need - hmmm, sounds like we shudda listened louder to the 'tribal' communities.

A great entry, Mr. Spin Easy!