Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Surrender, Dear

I love the Dash, I really do . . . but.

Just scooting around the countryside it's a total gas, fast and fun, but back and forth from school it's just the wrong tool. Constantly revving the engine to keep it from stalling is ok unless you have to work the front brake at the same time, then it's like prestidigitation. And now, the last straw.

It's always been hard to find neutral, but now there is a budding electrical problem. The current is fading. At night, unless the engine is really revving, you can hardly see the lights. And during the day, unless you are really twisting the wick, the neutral light stays dark.

So, I surrender dear, I'm joining the "old lady bike" generation. Not as much fun, but it'll probably add years to my life.

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