Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thailight Zone: the VISA

I am reminded of a t-shirt that I saw one time: "No Passport; No VISA; No money; but Funny," except that I have a passport and money. I know that I'm funny, doctors have made that face and told me I was a little funny, but a VISA? I landed in Bangkok on April 18th and I assumed that they stamped me in for 90 days, which is what they cheerfully did in Thailand for years. But no, I assumed, and I thereby made an "ass" out of "u" and "me." Even though you weren't even here. They stamped me in for 60 days, and I ran out about one week ago.

No, in Thailand they can change the rules, or the interpretation of the rules, or the enforcement of the rules, for bad reasons, or the wrong reasons, or for no reasons at all. It's like Bizaro Germany: we need tourism to survive! let's make it hard to get a VISA!

I'm not too worried because after all I am free, white and twenty-one, and I have the wherewithall to pay fines. I'm sure that it'll all work out. Pretty sure anyway. I'll let you know.

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